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Improv is for EVERYONE

Online Classes, Workshops, Corporate Events, & Parties

                   ⭐️Why study improvisation? 

Because, believe it or not, you have been improvising every moment of your life everyday since the day you were born.

So, like anything else in life, don't you want to learn to do it to the best of your ability?

Learning the basic rules of improv can make your personal life a bit easier, your professional life more productive and successful, reduce stress, and bring more fun, play, and laughter to everything you do. 


 Every Monday Night. 

7:00 - 9:00 PST

All Time Zones Welcome.



Let Melinda facilitate your next organization, corporate, or club event  

😃 For a free audit email...

Melinda's students performing improv on Zoom
Melinda and her students on Zoom
Melinda Chilton Children's improv.jpg
Melinda teaching students on ZOOM
Melinda Chilton Improv Parties with kids. .heic


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