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Melinda Chilton

'IMPROV for LIFE' Teacher & Speaker 

Melinda has taught improv at...


⭐️ National 4-H 
   Film Fest

⭐️Radiant Women 

⭐️ Andy Goldberg ImprovComedy        Workshop

⭐️Independent             Filmmakers Utah

Picture of Melinda smiling

Life is one BIG improv and you are the STAR of it!

Melinda will teach you how the basic rules of improvisation can change your life, grow your business, and enhance your career.


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  • Improv for LIFE w/ Melinda

The Benefits of Improv

Have you ever wished that when you woke up in the morning, there would be a script for your day lying next to your bed? Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how to ask your boss for that raise, have a scene cleverly written to humor your teenagers into cleaning their bedrooms, maybe a list of the people and characters you will be dealing with that day? Well, that's not exactly how life works.  Life is one big improv and you are the star improviser.

After studying, performing, and teaching improv for several years, I started to realize that I wasn't just using the rules of improvisation on stage to entertain an audience, I was also using those same improvisational rules daily in my personal life. 'Give and Take', 'Listen', 'Be in the Moment', 'Be Willing to Change' are just a few basic improv skills that I use daily and most recently while caring for my Father with Alzeihmer's. The improv game, 'New Choice', helped me to overcome a childhood stutter. 

The good news is anyone can learn basic improv skills. Like any skill, they just need to be practiced, strengthened, and implemented. That's what we do in my "IMPROV FOR LIFE" classes and workshops.  BEST of all, learning improv is a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. Can you say that about Algebra?       ~Melinda Chilton

Join Us

Melinda Chilton smiling. Hands in air and pointing to events and classes

Creative Credits

Piano player sitting at a piano with Melinda and her improv group sitting around the piano singing.
A photo from TV show 'Angie Tribeca'. Shown in picture is Melinda Chilton and Rashida Jones

🧐 Studied at...

 Rockford University Theater Department

 Second City Chicago

 Andy Goldberg Comedy Workshop

 Shakespeare and Company

🤣 Improv Productions...

Co-Founder and member of the improv group 'Mostly Organic'

Co-Producer of a monthly improv show featuring 'Off the Wall',  'Mostly Organic', and special guest performers from in and around Hollywood.


🤓 Writing Credits...

ABILITY Magazine

"Proper Manors" Amazon series

"Hey, I'm Waiting Here" -memoirs of a waitress

🤩 Acting credits include...

"The Upshaws"


"The  Office"

"Angie Tribeca"


"With Honors"

Lifetime movie "Deadly Inn"

Amazon series "Proper Manors"

😎 Former Elite Model

🤠 Former Bull Rider

Melinda riding a bull in a rodeo
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